Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Planting the Seeds


~Robert Louis Stevenson

Of Note: For years, Africa was written off as a continent. The conventional wisdom held that the vast landmass was ravished by famine, AIDS, malaria, TB, corruption and nothing would ever change. That did not keep billions upon billions from being pumped into contracts, grants and programming of every imaginable kind. The developed nations tried "everything" and most of it failed. Well, not so fast. Turns out, Africa may just be coming into its day, and some are paying attention. High on that list is the Chinese government, which is milking African nations for resources, but leaving behind needed infrastructure. While the move might be controversial in Europe and the United States, it is not in the African nations receiving the largesse. They defend the money as filling gaps identified from within, rather than money given to fill gaps identified by outsiders. Right or wrong, the money is flowing. Africa has one of the highest growth rates on the planet which will be further fueled by graduates from the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg. These scholars selected from promising students across the continent are sent with full scholarships to universities in Europe and North America. After graduation, they must return and work in Africa for at least 10 years. One proponent of the program said: "If the school can help more talented young Africans get a first-rate education, it can boost the ranks of professionals who will drive Africa's political and economic development." Growth from within will ultimately be the key to success. Until then, China and others will exploit, promote and propel the beleaguered nations to the next step on their evolutionary path--just in time for the first waves of graduates from the African Leadership Academy to take the helm.

Today's Weather Report: Well, the sun keeps peeking out from behind the clouds. It is flirting with us, but only flirting. No real sunshine display is expected today. Water was dripping from the roof so I guessed it was 33 degrees Fahrenheit outside. When I checked, that was precisely what it was. Same temp we have had all week, give or take a point or two. Driving at this temperature can be really dangerous as ice starts to form at 32 degrees. Best to stay put in weather like this. The ground is still not frozen; so, a trench is currently being dug for the new generator. We only had days to go before that project would have had to wait for spring.