Sunday, November 14, 2010

Butterfly as Leaf



Of Note: Oneness described in a simple word Butterfly. Indeed, branch and butterfly are one though not the same. Similarly, Universe is. United but diverse. A paradox? Most certainly.

Today's Weather Report: More snow with the temps hanging in there at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The main highway is clear but the back roads are not which makes for some treacherous driving conditions. I would not want to go off the back roads even more than I would not want to go off the main trunk. Several inches of the white stuff has fallen though I will wait for the storm to end before deciding exactly how much. Minneapolis actually made the news this morning for a snow dump of 12 inches. We aren't there yet, but we may be before it's over. The lake is still oddly open. I say oddly because it has usually frozen over by the time of the first winter storm. Not so this year, apparently. The aerator is bubbling away so whenever it does freeze over, the fish will have enough oxygen to carry them through the winter.