Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quest toward the Marvelous


~Jacques Cousteau

Of Note: In 2006 Pluto was demoted from a planet when a larger object, Eris, was found orbiting the sun. Based on that discovery, the International Astronomers Union, which makes these weighty decisions, deemed both "dwarf planets," leaving only 8 official planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. In a surprising finding announced on November 6th, a group of astronomers, who had recalculated Eris's size, found it was slightly smaller than originally thought, and Pluto once again took the lead in size. Based on this information, it appears that the demotion may have be to reconsidered. It would have saved astronomers time, however, had they been versant in the ancient science of astrology. Like the other outer planets, Pluto, though tiny, emanates enough energy to powerfully influence whole generations of people on Earth. Pluto, only discovered in 1930, is presently aiding the transformation of Earth from a non-sacred to a sacred planet utilizing a paradoxical combination of destructive and regenerative energies. We can be fairly certain based on past history that astronomers will continue to argue about what is or is not a planet. Regardless of this controversy on the third rock from the sun, Pluto and the others will continue on their daily rounds unimpeded. Carry on.

Today's Weather Report: The gods dictated that I take a day off and contemplate the workings of the stars and planets. Such musings always put me in a mellow mood, and so it was today. At 17 degrees Fahrenheit, it was cold outside, but nestled in my study cove, I didn't care. Winter is my quiet time when ponderings of one kind or other are mulled over with relish. Thought projects are grasped with pleasure when the snow begins to fall. By the spring and the rebirth of the garden, most of these projects have moved on to the next phase. But today all that mattered were the thoughts playing in my mind like a soul-filled tune and my cup of hot green tea.