Sunday, November 21, 2010

Feeding the Soul


~The Koran

Of Note: A flower's beauty can take the breath away. In a world of apparent chaos, a flower stands out as a singular example of the Soul's ability to express joy, love, and truth as well as immortality. Annually, flowers awaken, produce riotously, deposit voluminous seed, then die gracefully, reflecting the larger universal cycles of which man is a part. The flower challenges us to find a beginning to the process....for flower and seed are one, simply different aspects of the same energy. From on high, the reproduction cycle of the second vegetable kingdom would appear as a dance, an intricate dance of beauty ever nurturing mankind as it struggles to recognize and attain its divine destiny.

Today' Weather Report: Treacherous would be the word to describe the weather conditions. An icy mix fell during the night so that we awoke to 1/4 inch of ice on everything outside: cars, trees, dead plants, stones, tractors. Everything is covered. Calls have been coming in all morning from friends here and there reporting on the conditions where they live. Most are staying put. Though, one intrepid hunter friend is out walking the Namekagon River at this very moment. The Chicagoland crew, who originally intended to leave at 6 pm, has not made a decision yet if they are staying or going. They better decide soon because darkness comes early these days, and I wouldn't want to trek on ice in the dark. We did that once on Highway 53 behind a salt truck and still pulled off in Eau Claire for the night. We figure it would have taken longer than we had to drive the 400 miles to Chicago at 20 miles per hour. That was a sound decision because by the next day the roads were fine. So it goes during the winter in the northwoods.