Monday, November 29, 2010

The Harmony of Numbers

There is harmony of numbers in all nature:
in the force of gravity,
in the planetary movements,

in the laws of heat, light,
electricity and chemical affinity,

in the forms of animals and plants,
in the perceptions of the mind.

The direction indeed of modern science is toward
a generalization which shall express the fundamental
laws of all by one simple numerical ratio.

~ HP Blavatsky
Secret Doctrine, Part 4, 1888

Of Note: Since the turn of the 20th century, scientists have been searching for the one formula that will unite all forces of nature. The mathematical schemes attempting the feat have become so elaborate that only the greatest minds can grasp them. Lay people are entertained with accounts in magazines and best selling books by authors claiming to have the inside track to the ultimate prize. Maybe the answer lies not in the convoluted realms of higher mathematics but rather in the basics of form and number. If indeed the fundamental law of all will be expressed by one simple numerical ratio as Blavatsky stated, there is a good chance that ratio is already known but under-appreciated. Take pi for example. Webster's Dictionary defines pi as a transcendental number having a value to eight decimal places of 3.14159265. In actuality the number goes on to Infinity. Could it be that embedded in that never-ending string of numbers is a clue to the mystery of the universe? While astrophysicists and others search for the ever-elusive prize in the direction of the more complex, someone else, maybe a metaphysician, will find the answer in the basic laws governing the universe. Motive will be the deciding factor for the answer will be found only when the fruits of its discovery will be used for the good of all mankind.

Today's Weather Report: Water is still dripping from the roof here at 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though the sun was out yesterday, today it is not. Heavy clouds obscure its rays. Actually, this is a typical November day, and we can look for more sunshine in December, just a few days away. Humans are nurtured by sunshine, and it provides much needed vitality. Without it, we become weakened and pasty. Ageless wisdom suggests every one of us needs at least 15 minutes of the sun's rays a day. Sun and a healthy light diet plus ridding ourselves of worry should keep a person healthy. Simple really. Why is it the simple solutions are often the hardest to accomplish? The fact is most of us crave the complex--the more complex the better. It seems to be hardwired in our brain. However, as our consciousness evolves, simplicity is one of the signs of progress. First complex, then simple. It's written in the stars.