Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beauty Breaks in Everywhere


~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Of Note: Since the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, social protests rank up there with national sports. Femen, a group of female activists in the Ukraine, has a new protest method which is proving to be quite effective. The ladies, who organized at a pajama party two years ago to promote woman's rights and democracy, first took to the streets in bikinis but soon decided topless gained more attention to their causes. Their protest umbrella is wide and has included domestic violence, corruption and a visit by Vladimir Putin. Some feminists are incensed that breasts are being used as a political tool, calling it exploitation. The Femen leader retorted: "If sexuality is used to sell cars and cookies, why not use it for social and political projects. Sometimes you just need to bare your breasts for ideological reasons." The flagrant display of flesh appears to be the response to repression under Soviet rule....or at least that is the theory of some feminists, who hope that the allure of bare-breasted protesting will depart and leave in its wake a more serious response to heavy-duty problems. However, the Femen women, who believe they are making a positive impact, disagree. They can tell that to the police who jail them frequently. Sports, anyone?

Today's Weather Report: The temperatures plunged into the mid-teens today, enough to freeze anyone standing outside for any length of time without the proper attire. To be sure, this would not have been a day for a Femen protest in northern Wisconsin. The orange-clothed "hunters" have been out all day walking around, with some retiring for naps mid-afternoon after a late night out. One has his annual migraine headache, and we hope to see him sometime before the group goes home. The dogs have been showing off their new orange vests, one of which was almost torn in half the first 20 minutes out. A little duct tape took care of the problem. Thank goodness for duct tape. I had rolls in red, white and gray for proper color coordination in repair jobs but lacking orange, the white had to do. Surprisingly, the dogs don't mind the vests, which are sure to deter any hunter who mistakes them for a deer or wolf.