Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Superior Mind

A conviction, akin to a religious feeling,
of the rationality or intelligibility of the world
lies behind all scientific work of a higher order.

This firm belief in a superior mind that
reveals itself in the world of experience
represents my conception of God.

~Albert Einstein

Of Note: And God said "Let there be Light" and all hell broke loose. Literally. For a God-in- training there could be no other outcome. Most believe in a God who is perfect, but perfection is relative. As compared to man, God is perfect indeed. As compared to the Hierarchy of Gods, He-She only sits somewhere in the middle with quite a bit more to learn about creation before heading out of this universe into another. We know this to be true by looking around at the pain and misery that represent the Earthly experience. But the teachings of ageless wisdom tell us that our fledgling God is heading for a leap forward in His-Her evolutionary path, and we are all being carried along for the ride. Thus, the apparent chaos we see around us is a reaction to growth on a scale unimaginable to man. This does not let us off the hook, however. As creators in our own right, we have responsibilities as well. The key as Master Einstein noted is the use of mind--the same one connected inextricably to God, The Mind. Imperfect at this point in time, yes, evolving to perfection, indeed. In that thought is our guarantee of a brighter dawn than the one we have today.

Today's Weather Report: Northern Wisconsin along with much of the upper Midwest is getting slammed by a snowstorm that is raging out of the Rockies. Weather advisories warned of treacherous road conditions including a winter mix of ice, sleet and snow. This mess is explained by temperatures hanging tightly in the lower 30's Fahrenheit. I have to admit a real aversion to ice, particularly driving in the stuff. On one occasion years ago, my car went careening down an icy hill in Duluth. The only thing that stopped the vehicle was the fact it eventually hit the side of the road. Other cars were not as lucky as they went barreling to the bottom. Salt trucks repeatedly went up the other side of the road. Only after several hours did one come down the other side. They were no dummies--unlike the rest of us who should have heeded the warnings and stayed home.