Friday, November 12, 2010

You are That

My son! Bees create honey by
gathering the sweet juices from
different flowers and mixing
all into a common juice.

And there is nothing in honey
whereby the juice of a particular
flower can be identified,
so it is with the various creatures
who merge in that Being,
in deep sleep or in death.

Whatever they may be, tiger, lion, wolf,
boar, worm, moth, gnat, mosquito,
they become aware of a particular life
when they are born into it or awake.

That Being is the seed;
all else but His expression.
He is the Truth.
He is Self, Shwetaketu!
You are That.

~The Upanishads (C. 900 - 600 BCE)

Of Note: Ever think about God as a pesky gnat? How about a croaking frog? My personal favorite is visualizing God as a bristly boar. Some might think this kind of talk is sacrilegious or scandalous. But long ago, the conventional wisdom accepted that God was in everything and of everything. Indeed, what we see all around us is God personified. Somewhere along the way that truth was lost. When humans regain that knowledge and act on it, their creations will come to resemble the Divine Plan. We don't yet have a good idea what that world will look like, but we do know it will be based on the spiritual values of cooperation, sharing, truth, personal responsibility and sacrifice of selfishness for the common good. Until then, acting AS IF we are already there will facilitate its approach.

Today's Weather Report: Although it started off very chilly in the morning, the afternoon was a balmy 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Today though, the sun stayed hidden behind thick clouds. It was taking a break from bathing us in its energy for at least a good week or more. Some may wonder why I include a daily weather report in this blog. The answer is quite simple: as the years progress, it will provide a historical record of the weather patterns as they unfold over northern Wisconsin. We have been told that climate change will eventually devastate our planet. Right here we will have a daily climate accounting that, if and when analyzed some day, may prove enlightening. On another note: thanks to my "pet" frog, Fred, here for standing in for God. He was kind enough to pose for a photo last year in my garden stream.