Saturday, November 6, 2010

Civil Connectivity

Civility is not simply about manners.
It doesn't mean that spirited
advocacy is to be avoided.
What it does require is a willingness
to consider respectfully the views of others,
with an understanding that we are all
connected and rely on one another.

~Jim Leach

Of Note: Jim Leach is the chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities and served as a Republican Representative in Congress for 30 years. From that experience, he knows that Congress has gone way off course in matters of civility. After all, at an 11% approval rating, most of the electorate does as well. The former Representative went on to say that we are looking for politicians willing to work together for the common good. He contends, and we would all agree, that "a government by and for the people is obligated to conduct the nation's business in a manner that respects dissent." In the early rough and tumble years of Congress, dissent and fighting were apparently fairly commonplace. Not anymore. A mature government moves past the rancorous antics of youth to a place of wisdom. Americans are ready; the whole inter-connected world waits.

Today's Weather Report: A friend and I drove down to the Eau Claire area today in a blast of sunshine. We were attending the 91st birthday party of his cousin and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day with temperatures in the high-40's, low-50's Fahrenheit. Monday, it is forecast to be 70 degrees in Chicago and 50 here. This is unseasonably warm but we will take it without complaint because a few more fall chores remain. I grew up in Texas, and 50 degrees would be considered chilly there. Funny how the perception of temperature is so relative. Seasons are relative as well. Just think, it is spring in New Zealand. My friends there are most likely preparing their gardens for summer blooms and vegetables.