Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Think Happiness, Be Happiness

Remember, happiness doesn't depend
on who you are or what you have;
it depends solely upon what you think.

~Dale Carnegie

Of Note: Thanks to the World Wide Web, we are able to track down any minute piece of information that we want, need or just covet. Hours can be spent in our chairs surfing this way and that, all the while enjoying whatever music, videos, ads, junk, blogs, or games cross our paths. Isn't it a great world we live in? But separating the wheat from the chaff can sometimes be difficult without a recommendation from friends. So, it is good news that those interested in Ageless Wisdom have a comprehensive source of information at www.lucistrust.org that is beyond compare. One stop shopping at its best. For many years, the organization broadcast programs on Inner Sight Radio. In an exciting development, these shows are now available on YouTube at www.youtube.com. Put "Lucis Trust" in the search box and you will be ready to chose from a long list of available videos. CDs of the programs can be ordered from Lucis Trust as well. Check it out. They've kept the light on.

Today's Weather Report: A friend and I went to Spooner today for lunch then some light shopping down Main Street. I used to live a block off Main Street and was glad to be back for a visit. Tell you the truth, we were having so much fun, the weather was our last concern.

Watch For Change Snippet: What happens when an American-trained husband and wife physician team returns to their homeland of India and commence to recruit the lowest cast Dalit women as community health care workers in a poor rural town? Amazingly, the health of the community improves ten-fold and the self-esteem of the healthcare workers improves to such an extent one is elected mayor. National Geographic magazine tells the incredible story of an organization called Jamkhed that was founded in 1970 to deliver preventative care to the poor and slowly expanded to serve 300 villages and 500,000 people, including the not-so-poor. Along the way, many Dalit women, some of whom suffered from disfiguring leprosy when younger, were trained to make daily house calls, treat disease and deliver babies. However, before that was possible, the first part of the education program included transformation of the Dalit women themselves. When asked who is more intelligent--a woman or a rat? The women answered, "The rat." But that was then and this is now. These trained healthcare workers have since earned the respected of their communities and hold their heads high. One even holds the town's gavel. All because of two physicians with a vision.

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