Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Great Light of God

Behind every shadow of life
is the great Light of God.

~Paramahansa Yogananda

Of Note: Light is of God, and light is God as well. Why is that? He can only emanate what He is. Makes sense, doesn't it? That includes all light everywhere and on every plane--physical, emotional and mental. Paradoxically, darkness is of God, and darkness is God as well. There is no escaping the fact that shadow and light are both God. Could it be that our God is evolving and this apparent contradiction is an outward sign of His evolution?

Today's Weather Report: It has been a day of weather contrasts. Dark skies loomed and heavy snow fell for most of the morning. Then the lighted sun shone brightly for a short time, though at the time, it looked to be for the duration of the day. I got pumped to take some tremendous photos. Not so. The dark clouds reappeared, and snow is falling once again.

Watch For Change Snippet: The love of truth has evaded 4 out of the last 6 governors of Illinois. The arrest this morning of the sitting governor beats all, and, as of this moment, he still sits in jail awaiting a hearing. It was simple, he wanted money. That summarizes his own words caught on tape by the FBI. The prosecutor said that when the last governor went down just a few years back, he thought corrupt Illinois politicians would get the message. Apparently not. There appears to be one notable exception, however. Our President-elect, who hails from Illinois, is displaying unsurpassed ethical conduct in a manner not seen before in a high-level politician. His future constituents have taken notice of his professional conduct. We can only hope that a new age of honesty is emerging starting at the top and that corruption is found and disposed of quickly like the malignancy it is.

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