Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Moving In the Opposite Direction

Any intelligent fool can make things
bigger, more complex and more violent.

It takes a touch of genius--and a lot of courage--
to move in the opposite direction.

~Albert Einstein

Of Note: Living a life of simplicity marks a highly evolved individual moving in an advanced spiritual direction. We've all met a few of these folks, who are embraced by calm no matter what the surroundings or circumstances. What these people provide is a model of what is to come once our lives are dominated by the soul and dedicated to service. It seems that Mr. Einstein was not only smart man but wise as well.

Today's Weather Report: An ice storm predicted to befall Chicago tomorrow prevented us from making the trip down today. We will be now snug in our house rather than on the road under adverse conditions. The temps here stilling hover at zero or below, and the roads are icy because salt is ineffective at anything below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. My husband, who just made a short trek to town for groceries, said one road to town was closed due to downed trees, and many cars were in ditches. Good reason to hunker down with a warm bowl of soup, followed by a good book. Marie took this mellow shot out in East Texas not too long ago. I put it here to remind myself what a lack of snow looks like--this time of year it's hard to remember the color green or the vibrant fall colors of orange and red.

Watch For Change Snippet: Corporations sometimes get a bad rap for their activities. Several years ago, I told my environmentalist daughter that corporations would come around when the money led them there. What I did not realize at the time was the impact of the Kyoto Agreement on corporate giants like General Electric, who could not follow the lead of America and ignore the matter because of their global presence. As we all are aware, even the USA can no longer ignore the green revolution, and columnist Thomas Friedman believes that "green is the next red, white and blue." But we should not forget that large corporations were generally ahead of the federal government when it came to environmental action. In the last year, this blog has featured many newspaper or magazine corporate stories and ads highlighting their green agendas and research. One such full-page ad, for example, touted the fact that Monsanto was conducting research to get more agricultural yield from rainwater. This innovator expected its advanced hybrid and biotech seeds to reduce water consumption by 1/3, important in places with unpredictable rainfall and no irrigation. The ad went on to say that fully 60% of the world's food comes from non-irrigated land, and this percentage will increase with the help of these Monsanto seeds. Considering that miracle seed is one component of a global hunger solution as noted by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs a few blogs back, we might be coming to a life-affirming juncture where great human need and the corporate bottom-line are meeting at the crossroads.

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