Monday, December 22, 2008

Producing Thinkers

The trend of our modern civilization,
in spite of all its mistakes and errors,
is to produce Thinkers.

Education, books, travel,
in its many and varied forms,
enunciation of science and of philosophy,
and the driving inner urge which we call religious,
but which is in fact the drive toward
truth and its mental verification--
all these objectives have but one objective,
and this is to produce Thinkers.

~A Tibetan Master

Of Note: It would appear from this statement that the production of Thinkers is the common ground shared by all disciplines. It would follow then that no one disciple is greater or lesser than another--that through them all Thinkers are created. Heady philosophers, religious zealots and brainy scientists might keep this thought in mind when extolling the virtues of their current chosen path while diminishing the contribution of others.

Today's Weather Report: Sunny all day but VERY cold. It was 20 below again early this morning and did not get above 0 degrees all day. Many across the United States are getting a blast of Mr. Winter, now that his arrival is official, and a white Christmas is assured. Ho-ho-ho.

Watch For Change Snippet: Have you wondered what banks are going to do with all those illiquid assets they have on their books? Well, wait no longer because, at least in one case, the decision has been made. Credit Suisse plans to use these sketchy assets to pay bonuses to many top executives in the firm's investment bank. The bank insists that the executives may stand to gain in several years when the credit markets straighten out. But that has not stopped loud grousing from the unhappy executives who will receive these non-cash "rewards." Many of them contend it was not their fault that the markets tanked so they should not be punished. Maybe that's a fact, maybe not. It would be interesting to track how these men and women make out with their 2008 bonuses in 10 years. Many retirees are not getting that chance to wait and watch. Some on Wall Street are applauding the pragmatic move by the innovative bank and are watching to see if others follow suit or would it be Suisse?

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