Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bringing About Right Human Relations

This is no mystical or visionary dream with which I am presenting you. It involves hard business sense on the physical plane, a practical commonsense, a cessation of the constant presentation of a beautiful future in a mythical heaven of idleness and usefulness.

The bringing in of the Kingdom of God, the preparation for the coming of the Christ and the salvaging of mankind demand courage, organization, business acumen, psychology and persistence; it needs trained workers and much money; it calls for carefully considered programs, possessing long range vision, plus sensible modern procedures.

It is to this that all with true vision and love of humanity are called today; it means the spreading of an intelligently cultivate goodwill and the fostering of those conditions, attitudes and points of view which will inevitably bring about right human relations.

~~A Tibetan Master

Of Note: CEO God has not made an appearance in this blog for several months. As He also wears the hat of Supreme Fireman of the World, He's been understandably busy elsewhere. But if He did make a statement today, it might be the one above first printed over 50 years ago. I gather from these pointed words that the next evolutionary step will occur when right human relations are achieved. No small matter but obviously attainable if approached with courage, common sense and practical action motivated by good will for all.

Today's Weather Report: We awoke this morning to 4 to 6 inches of fresh snow. In some spots it had drifted to a foot. Blizzard conditions have prevailed most of the day. The picture above was taken only hours ago during a short break in the precipitation. All my garden sculptures and the like remain outside during the winter. Many are now entirely covered with snow only to be seen again next spring when, to my delight, rediscoveries will be made of forgotten treasures.

Watch For Change Snippets: Have you been struck by the irony that as 40 million more people went hungry in the rest of the world, the obesity epidemic took front stage in America in 2008? 66% of Americans are now overweight or obese, doubling the national obesity rate between 1976 and 1999. Apparently, California was the only state not getting chunkier. There must be great dissatisfaction in being obese because $50 billion is spent on diet programs annually in the USA. Cholesterol lowering drugs are now being prescribed for 8 year-olds--much to the delight of pharmaceutical companies. A slim President-elect Obama, who eats rice, broccoli and tuna daily similar to billions of folks worldwide, could be an model for change if he desired. We will have to wait and see if he seizes this opportunity in the face of the growing obesity epidemic engulfing the western world.

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