Monday, December 8, 2008

Mankind's War of Liberation



~John F. Kennedy

Of Note: No doubt, President Kennedy was speaking of physical hunger here. It was a hot topic then and remains one even today. But there is another war raging even with those whose bodies are sated. Place the word spiritual in front of the word hunger, and a picture is then presented of the battle currently being fought by Humanity as a whole. When the lessons learned through the recognition of the rights and needs of all, a true spirit of cooperation, and a sense of personal responsibility result in service to the common good, the aching spiritual hunger experienced by mankind will subside. Humanity may then claim its divine legacy, the peace that passes understanding, and move on to its next evolutionary challenge. Onward and upward always.

Today's Weather Report: Clouds and more clouds. I thought this was supposed to be December, the month of sunshine and cold. Well, we have the cold--so, we have at least one of the two. Lately, my sister, Marie, must supply pictures from Texas because cloudy days do not create good photographic opportunities for an amateur like me. Thanks, Marie!

Watch For Change Snippet: Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, who runs Columbia's Earth Institute, has been a man of clear vision and steady voice for quite some time on the issues of global poverty and disease. In May, he penned an insightful article in TIME magazine: "Act Now Eat Later: The world saw it coming but did little. Now the global food shortage has become a crisis. Here's how to end it." Dr Sachs lists three steps, including specific objectives, to fix the world food crisis: give farmers in poor countries access to high-yield seed and fertilizers; stop the biofuel nonsense; and help farmers protect crops from drought and other disasters. This vocal server believes that "practical solutions to the world's food woes do exist, but we'll have to start thinking ahead and acting globally." At the same time, the Secretary General of the United Nations stepped up to the plate by naming a top-level task force to develop a comprehensive plan. This work should continue even in the wake of falling commodity prices according to experts like Dr. Sachs, who fear that the needs of the developing nations will be forgotten during the tumultuous, on-going financial crisis. He would probably agree with JFK that if we get this right, we will most likely free ourselves from much misery while liberating mankind for bigger and better things.

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