Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Giving Place To The New

Growth is one long period of
building in order to destroy,
of constructing in order
to disorganize later,
of developing certain rhythmic
processes in order to disrupt them,
and to force the old rhythm
to give place to the new.

~A. A. Bailey

Of Note: This sums up perfectly the evolutionary process. Onward and upward always. From the outside the process can look chaotic when in reality everything is going according to schedule. Its the same for individuals or nations. A look at America right now will provide a look at this creative process in action. Every nation has a destiny where timing is everything--and we as a nation are at a crossroad. Will we take the path to the right or left? It's up to us.

Today's Weather Report: Temps were in the low single digits Fahrenheit this morning. I mention Fahrenheit because a friend from New Zealand emailed with her temps in Celsius. I thought she was talking about low temps in the 30's and 40's, but she meant hot. Looking out the window here at the snow piling up, it's hard to imagine a part of the world where it's summer.

Watch For Change Snippet: Apparently in 2001, the United Nations held a conference on racism in Durban. Our Secretary of State at the time Colin Powell walked out when it became an anti-Semitic rant and rave session. As it turns out, another conference on racism will be held in Geneva come April called Durban II. This international affair will be organized by the UN Human Rights Council that is led by countries with dubious records on human rights, including Iran, Cuba and Libya. Israel will most likely be at the top of the agenda like last time as will the rest of the western world for allegedly prosecuting Muslims. No mention is made in the draft resolution about Muslims killing Muslims in large numbers around the globe, or the lack of religious freedom in many Muslim countries. Israel has declared it will not attend as has Canada. Seems to me that the USA should consider attending and staying for the whole event. Certainly after the election of a visionary black President, our example and light could provide an opportunity for an open discussion. A seed might be planted that someday may produce a fine harvest at some point. We won't know if we don't go and stand--even in the face of criticism.

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