Friday, December 5, 2008

Paradox: The Path To Freedom

Although we have been made to believe
that if we let go we will end up with nothing,
life reveals just the opposite:
That letting go is the real
path to freedom.

~Sogyal Rinpoche

Of Note: Paradox is a part of life as are the lessons thus revealed. The heart will follow the inquiring mind to new vistas previously unexplored.

Today's Weather Report: It must be winter--or at least it feels like it even if the date has yet to be officially reached. That fact was confirmed today when we awoke to zero degrees outside (thankfully not inside) with temps still hovering there. The sun is out just to prove it can be at these temps.

Watch For Change Snippet: Even with plummeting gas prices, the push for alternative energy vehicles has not lost steam. The first solar powered car to traverse the world arrived yesterday in Poznan, Poland where UN delegates from 190 countries are working toward a new treaty on control of climate change which will replace the Kyoto Agreement set to expire in 2012. The world tour was the brainchild of a Swiss school teacher and began 17 months ago in Switzerland. The noiseless car, which reached speeds of 55 mph and covered 185 miles on one battery, traveled 32,000 miles through 38 countries while giving rides to over 1,000 influential people along the way. The intrepid traveler was quoted as saying: "Here at the conference we are talking about reducing emissions by 10 or 20 percent. I want to show that we can reduce emissions by 100 percent - and that's what we need for the future." Along the same line, India has introduced an innovative solar rickshaw that is touted as solving India's horrific traffic woes, chronic pollution and dependence on fossil fuels. 8 million cycle-rickshaws currently navigate the streets of India but are being replaced by cars at an alarming rate. A solar model will fill a need between the rickety rickshaw and a modern version that more people may find acceptable. Along this same line, the State of Hawaii signed up with Better Place, Inc. to create 70,000 to 100,000 recharging points by 2011 aided by Hawaiian Electric Company. Better Place is the outfit founded in 2007 to promote electric cars and is pursuing similar arrangements in Australia, Israel, Denmark and the San Francisco area. This initiative fits Hawaii's comprehensive energy plan to cut its oil dependence 30% by 2030. Oil, all of which is imported at great cost, currently comprises 90% of fuel to the island. Seems the cat is out of the bag as far as alternative energy vehicles--we have only to watch as the innovations are rolled out.

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