Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Noble Eightfold Path

Cease to identify yourselves with material
things or with your desires;
gain a proper sense of value;
cease regarding possessions and earthly
existence as of material importance.

Follow the Noble Eightfold Path which
is the Path of right relations--
right relations to God and
right relations to your fellow men--
and thus be happy.


Of Note: The Noble Eightfold Path of which Buddha spoke consists of Right Values, Right Speech, Right Modes of Living, Right Thinking, Right Aspiration, Right Conduct, Right Effort, and Right Rapture or Happiness. Seems unattainable, doesn't it? Not so. Buddha would not have put it out there for all to see if it was unattainable. The Path is hard but full of joy once a Soul figures out the Way. The key word here is a Soul. The lower personality wants none of it so is dragged kicking and screaming to the foot of the cross by a persistent Soul--a process which often takes several lives. We've seen these struggling folks. They may even be us. It gives new meaning to the words "Thou shall not judge."

Today's Weather Report: We close the year on a very cold note. This morning the temp was 17 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Nothing can describe the cold of that temp without experiencing it first hand. Clear nights during the winter can just about guarantee such an outcome and last night was no exception. A myriad of stars twinkled in every heavenly direction.

Watch For Change Snippet: Just as individuals struggle at some point under their Soul's impress, so do races, nations and globes. The evolution of consciousness guarantees it. Ageless Wisdom explains that Humanity is currently undergoing pressure from its Soul to first recognize and then become the Eightfold Path. The struggles mount as the pressure increases. Look all around at the abundance of crises, and the en-lightening process becomes self-evident. An Associated Press article today "World Bids a Relieved Adieu to a Rocky Year" took the reader on a whirlwind tour of various global scenes in which people recounted the numerous trials of 2008. Philippine President Gloria Arroyo was quoted as saying: "I pray for greater peace and stability. I hope that we can all work together as a global community to weather these storms." Prayers are one thing; action is another. Becoming the Path requires the latter, and the Soul will continue to challenge Humanity with opportunities (called by some crises) until Right Human Relations defines global activities.

My Sister, Marie, captured this light-infused sky earlier in the year. Thanks to her watchful eye, we've been inspired throughout the year by various awesome photos such as this. Blessings to all in 2009!

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