Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Science and Enlightenment

Science without enlightenment
renders hypotheses in despairs
through perceptions of physical
realities in the shadows of partial truths.

Enlightenment without science
renders myths in delights
through perceptions of physical
realities in the warped realms of truths.

Science and enlightenment in
unison renders truths of nature in a
bliss through wisdom that
localized realities and unifies holistically.

~Vincent Wee-Foo

Of Note: On this heady note, Merry Christmas to all of you where ever you are! It has been a year of delights sending this blog into the universe. For the next six or seven days, though, I'm taking off to concentrate on the holidays and to entertain my newlywed children from Florida. I promise to return next week after the festivities are over.

Today's Weather Report: Temps did not rise much above zero today, and the house was a bit chilled. More snow fell this morning though by early afternoon it had tapered off. No one can remember this much snow so early in years. But this IS northern Wisconsin, and we are "winterized" and ready for whatever befalls us. I ran out yesterday and took a few shots of the snowy landscape up the road a mile or so. The red of this barn caught my eye--it was the only real color in the whole area which otherwise consisted of grays, blues and whites.

Watch For Change Snippet: With gas prices declining and the auto makers in a tailspin, many fear that electric cars may not continue to get the press they need to move forward. After all, electric cars have come and gone before, though admittedly, they have never gotten this much fanfare. Rescue of the concept may come from the very industry stands to benefit from the rise of electric vehicles--utility companies. Several are mulling the possibility of ordering thousands of the cars "as an expression of support for the technology they fear could be derailed by the auto industry's financial traumas." Utilities stand to gain, of course, because they sell the energy needed to power the cars, and lately they have excess capacity. What's more, if they become early electric car-adopters, they'd have "a prime opportunity to make sure recharging happens in a way that strengthens the electric grid, rather than weakens it." The good PR would not hurt the often beleaguered utility companies either. Sounds like this could be a win-win all the way around.

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