Monday, December 15, 2008

A Test of Tenacity

Here is a test to see if your
work here on Earth is finished.

If your still here, it's not.

~Richard Bach

Of Note: This weekend's snowstorm that ravaged many parts of the country, followed now by a cold snap, is a test of national stamina. Most everyone has been touched by this monstrous storm in one way or another. This was me gearing up to replace a snowplow truck battery in the middle of the blizzard. See the smile? It was a fake for the camera. What I was really thinking was how long it would be until we were back in the warm house, and why we did not do this before the storm. Funny thing happened, though, when out in the blinding snow--it was kind of exhilarating. And because I was dressed as warmly as a polar bear, I even went and snapped some photos of the scene to show my family in Texas what Wisconsin snow was all about. You know how they say it's good to make lemonade out of lemons? This was kind of like that, except we made snow cones out of ice.

Today's Weather Report: My intrepid husband is now snowplowing again. It is still 10 below zero but thankfully the sun is out providing us with an illusion of warmth. Tonight it is predicted to be 20 below like last week--and this is even before winter officially begins!

Watch For Change Snippet: "It was like gnawing on a rock." With those words, former President Jimmy Carter described what it was like during his administration to get Americans to turn down the thermostat, carpool to work and try solar powered panels. Carter firmly believes that harping on the energy situation for four straight years cost him the election. His advice to President-elect Barack Obama? "I think he can prevail if he does it early and with great dedication and enthusiasm--and with tenacity." The former President also strongly suggested maintaining a sense of sustained crisis. Seems that shouldn't be difficult--but surprisingly, in a recent New Yorker cartoon lampooning the on-going crisis mentality, energy is not even specifically mentioned as one of the twelve currently dogging us. To Carter's credit, the difficulties of his presidency did not deter him from investigating new sources of sustainable energy. He and Rosalyn are currently growing 10 acres of paulownia trees, apparently the fastest growing in the world. This practical visionary sees their groves as a great new source of non-food biofuel. Now that's tenacity!

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