Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Reflection on Sarah Palin Hair--Part I

If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values,
we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities,
and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric in which
each diverse human gift finds a fitting place.

Margaret Mead

As you might expect, last weekend was full of excitement as my daughter's wedding was unfolding. She had previously invited me to go as mother and daughter on the Big Day to get our hair done. I'm not much into "getting my hair done" but, what the heck, I thought, this was a once in a lifetime event.

Upon arriving at the Aveda salon at precisely 10:30 am, we were greeted by two eager cosmetologists ready to descend into the uplifting hairdos that would carry us through the celebratory day. Macie from Memphis was my gal. According to her, an up-do master whose artistic vision and skilled hands were the best on the Atlantic coast.

When I asked how Sarah Palin did her hair, Macie said, no problemo, we can do that. Easy. Wait a minute, I said, I didn't want Sarah Palin's hair, just wanted to know how she did it. In short order I found out. Macie's mind was made up.

Before long, burning curlers were strategically placed on every part of my head, then eventually and thankfully removed to create a poodle effect. After which the teasing began.

For those who don't know what teasing entails, think of taking several strands of hair straight up from the head and pulling down with a comb until the hair is wadded near the scalp. This curious process continues until the whole area resembles an afro. OK. Got that picture?

From there, the outer hair was straightened over the teased part, a million bobby pins were place just-so to uplift the back part of the hair and beautiful curls were skilfully crafted to set off the whole thing.

To assure that not one tendril escaped, a half-gallon of hair spray was artfully applied. Not surprisingly, Macie emptied the bottle she had on hand, but quickly procured another to finish off the job. In the end, it wasn't a 1960's bouffant, but pretty close to it.

Only took an hour. What's an hour. I called it a Modified Sarah Palin. Macie just called it a Palin. With a sardonic smile, she said "It's the rage"--after which she announced that's she's a Republican for Obama.


Of Note: Margaret Mead's quote will make more sense when the story is finished. Trust me. Marie took this festive picture of the Modified Sarah Palin and that's my cute-as-a-bug grandson, Gabe, age 3.

Today's Weather Report: More clouds, kind of gloomy but my reward is a windowful of bright red color from the maple trees contrasted with the yellow from the popple. The cosmos and a few sunflowers remain while all the other flowers have turned to seed. This is the time of year for collecting seeds for next season, and several batches are drying in the house.

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