Thursday, October 9, 2008

Let Your Dreams Set You Free

Take all that you've become
Set your standards high
You deserve the best. . .
To be all that you can be.
Soar above the clouds
And let your dreams
Set you free.

Jillian K. Hunt
Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul

Of Note: My sister, Marie, took this shot at Galveston this past summer. I dedicate this quote to all those on Galveston Island and the surrounding communities who are now coming back to little or nothing. As children, we used to spend some time down there at a high-stilted Crystal Beach cabin. That was one of the communities of which the newspapers ran before and after photos. Before there were rows of houses on stilts, afterward there were none. Zero. All that was left was the occasional stilt sticking its head out of the sand reminiscent of what used to be.

Today's Weather Report: Breezy and sunny. All the various tones of the many wind chimes that reside at our house are ringing in unison. It could sound like cacophony. But as part of the whole backdrop, it sounds sweet to the ears. Yesterday the temps rose to the 60's and the morning jackets were thrown off by the afternoon. Today promises more of the same.

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