Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good of the Whole

Free will is initially associated
with liberty and independence.
But ultimately, it concerns right choice
by the discriminating power of mind,
the capacity to choose
the greater over the lesser,
the good of the whole
over the interest of the parts.

Lucis Trust

Of Note: Mom took this very interesting picture in Jacksonville, Florida not long ago. By standing back from the scene, we can see that the smaller mollusks had taken up residence at one time in the larger shell before dying there. As a human, we take that view for granted. As one of the little mollusks, we would not have. Through the discriminating power of mind we can take a further step back to look at the whole unfolding scene--one that is not available to the normal human or mollusk. What we would see is literal patterns of universal interconnectedness, symbolically much like the shells above but on a much grander scale.

Today's Weather Report: The sun is back and with it warmer temps. Today will probably get to the 60's again. This is what I would call a premier fall day. Pumpkins are for sale at the stores. But a really neat sight is seeing them at the area's farms--big and little orange lumps strewn across the fields all the way to the horizon.

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