Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Secret of Heaven and Earth

As rivers have their source
in some far off fountain,
so the human spirit has its source.
To find this fountain of spirit is to learn
the secret of heaven and earth.


Of Note: Eventually we all find the source. That is the hope and promise of the ages. Marie took this tunning shot of the Rio Grande River while visiting Big Bend National Park earlier in the year. It may be surprising to note that the sources of all rivers have yet to be ascertained. That fact is a bit humbling, is it not?

Today's Weather Report: The water in the little pond froze over last night. The patterns on the top are geometrical in their design and inspiring in their unintentional artestry. Today is the first day it really feels like winter is upon us, it being in the 20's. Yes, I know it's not officially winter but winter in northern Wisconsin always comes early and stays late.

Watch for Change Snippits: Following a summit, China has agreed with the European Union states that financial institutions should be globally regulated. Whats more, they would participate. The United States is not on-board the global financial initiative at this time.

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