Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just a Friendly Smile

The thing that goes the farthest,
Toward making life worthwhile,
That costs the least and does the most,
Is just a friendly smile.

Alfred Criswell

Of Note: Wise old Mr. Criswell is 97 and has seen it all. He wrote this poem in a 12 year-old friend's autograph book over 70 years ago--in 1937 to be exact. In quoting it, the friend, now 82 said it has served her well all these years. Living through the Great Depression, these two know that in times of trouble, a smile goes a long way and costs nothing. Along that line, today is UN World Hunger Day to remind everyone that hunger still exists, and those undernourished or hungry have actually increased in number since 2000 when most countries in the world pledged to do something about it. While the affluent developed countries suffer loudly through the current financial meltdown, undeveloped countries will suffer more. Check out for up to the minute information on what's happening at the United Nations. PS: Look closely and you will see a smile on this sunflower. These gangly flowers are shy and try to hide it, but it's there.

Today's Weather Report: It's a mixed up kind of weather situation outside. Sun comes out for a few minutes, then goes back behind thick clouds. It's playing peek-a-boo with us. The temps are hovering around 50 degrees, not sure which way to go either.

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