Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Amazing Grace

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now I'm found,
Was blind but now I see.

John Newton
18th century

Of Note: Let's talk about salvation today. General, garden variety salvation about which Mr. Newton speaks. If a wretch was lost and blind, then found themselves and could finally see, what would that be like? The person on the street might think that it would be all glory and light. But I have a sense that it's at least a two-part deal and might actually be kind of horrifying at first. Consider this: in the beginning of this new found illumination, we'd most likely see all the things we had done to others that were less than savory. At the very least, that would be humbling. Then we'd see, really see, what man had done to man and animals and the planet in general. That would be depressing for sure.

For those who survived the first part, phase two would kick in at some point creating a great sense of responsibility and an overwhelming desire to serve humanity. That's what some might call redemption. Even then, light would come in waves and provide only fleeting glimpses of the "peace that passes understanding." With light comes dark of course. Mother Teresa spoke of the dark times in her recently released letters, which some have interpreted as a lack of faith. Most likely it was just the salvation process doing its work.

If "saved" folks talk only of light and angels but neglect to discuss the first eye-opening phase and the dark and light subsequent times, we might wonder if they've really been through the process. This verdant shot was taken at Marie's local Audobon center that opened last Saturday. It is situated in Dallas along the mighty Trinity River on a former dump site. The human caretakers of this saved piece of land get a thumbs up for that bold move.

Today's Weather Report: More of the same glorious sunshine and temps in high forties, low fifties. This morning's 22 degrees was certainly brisk and required a real winter jacket for the first time. The cats know it's cold and are found throughout the day curled up here and there around the house--sometimes in piles of two or even three.

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