Monday, October 13, 2008

Only In Silence

Only in silence can we begin
to repair the damage to our
sense organs accrued through
the hubbub of daily living.

In silence, we can finally
begin to hear.

K.P. Riley

Of Note: At Mount St. Mossback Monastery where we live, the silence is almost deafening. At night the stars shine brightly in the heavens, and the Milky Way shimmers brilliantly across the darkened vault of the sky. This path into the woods follows an ancient animal trail along Mossback Lake where silence was mandatory in order not to disturb the other forest inhabitants nor alert an enemy. Back then, the lake was the Namekagon River, which was diverted in the late 1800's for logging purposes to its current course on the other side of our property. This quote was published in Beacon magazine October - December 2008 in an article entitled "The Spiritual Dynamics of Sound." More of the same can be obtained at

Today's Weather Report: Raining and raining some more. It is not so hard, though, that it will knock the brilliant leaves off the trees. A chipmunk in the bedroom awoke me this morning when it decided to crawl into bed with me when pursued by one big cat and a tag-along dog. Jim saved the day by opening the door to let the little thing escape to the rock pile. This greatly frustrated the breakfast plans of the cat and dog who circled the pile for quite some time before admitting defeat.

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