Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Calmness, Necessity, Unchanging

Push on to the ultimate Emptiness,
Guard unshakable Calmness,
All the ten thousand things are moving and working.
Yet, we can see the void whither they must return.

All things however they flourish turn
and go home to the root from which they sprang.
This reversion to the root is called Calmness.
It is recognition of Necessity,
That which is call Unchanging.

Knowing Unchanging means Enlightenment,
Not knowing it means going blindly into disaster.

Tao Te Ching

Of Note: Day in and day out, the Ten Thousand Things envelop our being and keep us from the liberating root of spirit, also called Calmness, Necessity and Unchanging. When that root is finally recognized upon the Fiery Path Home, there is no turning back. In the process we bring others with us as their eyes too are opened. And as a group together we all go Home. There is no other way.

Today's Weather Report: Yesterday the sun popped out for just a few hours in the evening and the fiery sky above beckoned me to take a picture. If truth be told, it was actually my husband who called upstairs and said I might want to grab the camera and take pictures of a spectacular sunset. If it weren't for him, I would have missed the whole, short show. Today it is back to cloudy with showers, though the temps have warmed a bit to the upper 50's. No need for a fire in the fireplace like yesterday.

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