Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Marriage of Souls

When we begin to believe
that there is greater joy in
working with and for others
rather than just for ourselves,
then our society will truly
become a place of celebration.

Jean Vanier

Of Note: By its very nature, childhood is a time of selfish preoccupation. Adulthood is supposed to change that, but marriage assures that the lesson is learned. Eventually. The big aha comes when we begin to comprehend that everyone is "married" at the soul level. The collective consciousness is starting to respond to that realization. Just look around. One by one sparks of light are breaking out in celebratory dance until some day the whole earthly sphere will be filled with radiance, fusing into a great symphony the present chaotic cacophony. This lively shot of the bride and groom in Florida last weekend was taken by my talented brother, Mark. He captured in one frame the mood of the whole event. Check out www.gratefulness.org for more great quotes and other surprises, like inspirational free e-cards for every occasion.

Today's Weather Report: Continued cloudy and cool. In the sixties as a high. This time of year cloudiness is pretty common. So common some folks start to suffer from Seasonal Effective Disorder, otherwise known as SED. Dr. Kaye (that's what I'm called when I'm giving unauthorized medical advice) says that everyone needs at least 15 minutes of sunshine a day. Without that, many bodies start saying "Argh." The five fruits and vegetables idea isn't bad either. How about rice once a day to get in tune with a majority of the rest of the world? It's good, cheap and filling. Can't beat that combination.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderfu picture, quotation, and "of note"...great combination for your blog:)