Monday, September 15, 2008

The Dew of Tears

All beauty of this world
is wet with the dew of tears.

Theodor Haecker

Of Note: Natural disasters are meant to get our attention. This current one, Hurricane Ike, certainly has done just that as it lumbers its way northeast. Construction and destruction, life and death, go hand in hand. In these times of crises, it is easy to forget that the deliverance of powerful universal energy is neutral. It is up to humanity to interpret.

Today's Weather Report: Aha, the sun is just now peeking out after a very foggy morning. It was a cool but crisp 42 degrees at 9 am. Maybe tonight with the clouds receding, we will be able to see the shining full moon. I have to remind myself the luminescence is actually reflected sunlight not anything to which the moon actually agrees. One day we will know the history of the moon, and I bet we are all in for a surprise.

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