Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Fire and Water God

To the God Who is in the FIRE
and Who is in the waters;
To the God Who has suffused
Himself through all the world;
To the God Who is in summer plants
and in the lords of the forest;

To that God be adoration, adoration.

Sh'vet U panishad, II.17
as quoted in The Treatise on Cosmic Fire
By A. A. Bailey

Of Note: Fall is officially arriving this weekend, and thus I'm ceremoniously turning off the water pump that supplies our garden stream. It has been a great garden year, plenty of rainfall and lots of sunshine. Probably the best ever. Our lake above is the continuous, shimmering backdrop to the splendor of the gardens. For some reason, God always feels particularly present at the changing of the seasons. These divine cycles and many more are covered extensively in The Treatise on Cosmic Fire, an insightful tome covering the breadth and width of ancient wisdom as is now available.

Today's Weather Report: Although it was cloudy early this morning, no clouds grace the expansive sky at this moment. Things could change as our weather gauge showed showers. Either way, we will enjoy a glorious day in Wisconsin's northwoods. As my husband always says, "It doesn't get any better than this." And, of course, he's always right.

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