Monday, September 29, 2008

Political Meat

Sympathy and subtlety are seasonings
rarely applied to political meat.

Tom Murray
Hastings Ctr for Bioethics

Of Note: Although politics is as spiritual an area as any other, it is not often lately that this blog descends into that world. But, this quote could not be passed up because it summed up the current scene so well. It's another good reason to be a vegetarian. Our cat, Gipper, would want no part of that, nor politics either, as he surveys the grounds waiting for his next meal.

Today's Weather Report: The forecasted low for today is 39 degrees--the first thirty-something temp for the season, I think. It's been quite overcast all day, except for a few brief moments late this morning when the sun popped out to say hello and welcome us back to northern Wisconsin. We've been in Florida for Susanne's wedding and the temps were really warm there, of course. Nice to get back to cool, sweater temps.

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