Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Secret of Life

The Implosion Theory

The secret of Life is dipolarity.
Without opposite poles in nature,
there is no attraction and repulsion.
Without attraction and repulsion,
there is no movement.
Without movement there is no Life.

Viktor Schauberger

Of Note: This is Love as explained by a scientist. Would you have recognized it? Many would say that the religiously inclined individual would have an edge on spirituality and all things mystical. That's not necessarily so. The teachings of ancient wisdom would give that credit to scientists, who as a group are on the cusp of seeing Life for the first time. It makes no difference that many of these esteemed people don't believe in a God. God probably wouldn't believe in the God of many religious folks either.

Today's Weather Report: It's a-blowing now with afternoon and evening of thunderstorms promised. This morning brought sprinkles now and then, here and there (otherwise known as scattered.) Temps are in the delightful 70's.

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