Monday, September 22, 2008

Treat the Earth Well

Treat the Earth well:
it was not given to you
by your parents,
it was loaned to you
by your children.

We do not inherit the Earth
from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.

Ancient Native American Proverb

Of Note: This shot of downed trees was taken in the woods surrounding our house a few weeks back, just as the sun was setting for the day. These mighty trees were blown over by a huge, quite destructive storm in 2000 and then cut up and returned to the woods to become part of the next forest. Without the agency of fire, it will take years and years for these trees to disintegrate. On another note, today being the first official day of fall, we can contemplate how our human footprints impact Mother Earth. The current controversy about man's impact on global warming is bringing to the forefront the truth--man's consciousness makes the first impact followed by physical signs and symptoms, not the other way around.

Today's Weather Report: Partly cloudy and grayish with no shadows. Breezy as well which usually means a storm is somewhere in the vicinity. That would be fine with me. Storms make for good contemplation days. A reader might wonder why a weather report every day would have any merit. My thoughts: as a humble, lay scientist, it struck me that a daily tally might track any changes in climate over time in my little neck of the woods. Given 30 years or so it might have some meaning. Or might not as the case may be. Guess we'll see. I've got 30 years to watch for change.

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