Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Fate of All Peoples

The Fate of All Peoples and Nations is Determined by the
Values which Govern Their Decisions

The human and world crisis of today is basically spiritual, testing the character and intention of all men and women. This provides opportunity to reappraise the values we accept as a personal standard of behavior. The world of the future depends on what what one of us chooses to do today.

These values include:
A Love of Truth--essential for a just, inclusive and progressive society;
A Sense of Justice--recognition of the rights and needs of all;
A Spirit of Cooperation--based on active goodwill and the principle of right human relationships;
A Sense of Personal Responsibility--for group, community and national affairs;
Serving the Common Good--through the sacrifice of selfishness; Only what is good for all is good for each one.

These are spiritual values, inspiring the conscience and the consciousness of those who serve to create a better way of life.

Lucis Trust

Of Note: This Lucis Trust quote probably dates from the 1940's or 1950's. It is as true today as then--but maybe even more so as Humanity nears an important cusp in its collective development of consciousness. You might wonder how these ostrich ferns fit into this theme. They reminded me of the cross currents of consciousness seemingly going in different directions but ultimately--and successfully--all finding the light.

Today's Weather Report: Cool rain yesterday and more rain today. On top of the rain we got last week, we are doing very well in that department. I looked at my garden diary from last year and found that September 2007 was a very rainy month. In fact, it rained most every day. Sounds like Seattle. We've got a little deer hanging around ready to feed on the garden remnants when we're not looking. At this time of year, that's just fine.

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