Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reducing Inequity

Humanity's greatest advances
are not in its discoveries--
but in how those discoveries
are applied to reduce inequities.

Whether through democracy,
strong public education,
quality health care or
broad economic opportunity--
reducing inequity is the
highest human achievement.

Bill Gates

Of Note: Only arm-in-arm can mankind move forward in consciousness. Reducing inequity through the spirit of cooperation and a sense of shared responsibility is one of the first steps in the elimination of the sense of separateness, otherwise known as evil. Although some may take issue with the Gates' activities or wealth, though not perfect, no one can argue that they have been worldwide philanthropic leaders in this service endeavor. These little terra cota women grace my garden and are symbolic of the intrinsic interconnectedness we all share.

Today's Weather Report: Wow, a stunningly sunny day with those long, lanky shadows falling across the road. It is supposed to climb to the low 80's from the current 50's. That's quite a temperature differential. Sometimes that means more than one set of clothes for the day, especially when planning to work outside.

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