Friday, October 29, 2010

Upward and Onward

Those who are lifting the
world upward and onward
are those who encourage
more than criticize.

~Elizabeth Harrison

Of Note: The election season in the United States is quickly coming to a close. On Tuesday we vote. By Wednesday, for the most part, we will know who will be representing us in Congress. This cycle has been characterized by vicious ad hominum attacks and bizarre rants. It is amazing that adults would act like this. Maybe that is the problem. These are not truly adults, but children playing in adult suits. A playground monitor might be a good idea.

Today's Weather Report: The high today was 44 degrees Fahrenheit, though this morning we woke to a low of 20. With that low temperature, we know that winter is right around the corner. After almost a week of dreary clouds, the sun shown today. Our fake stream started to freeze over this morning. Thus, it is probably time to turn the water off; a signal that the summer season is over and done. The aerator, which we have been working on for two years, is now properly functioning. All it took was a new air compressor unit. Were we ever happy to see the bubbles streaming up from the aerator head that sits in the lake. Speaking of the lake, the water is starting to lap over the dock in a few places. We already had the dock lifted once. Looks like it will be necessary again.