Monday, October 25, 2010

Growth is a Rare Phenomenon

Growth is a rare phenomenon.
It is natural, but rare.
When the seed has found the right soil,
it grows--it is very natural.
But to find the right soil,
that is the crux of the matter.


Of Note: Last Saturday, finance officials from the Group of 20 met in South Korea to discuss the global economy, 85 percent of which they control. The meeting's opening statement said: "Our cooperation is essential. We are all committed to play our part in achieving strong, sustainable and balanced growth in a collaborative and coordinated way." The idea of cooperation on the global front is relatively new, and world leaders are just beginning to get the hang of this collaborative approach. Around since 1999, the G-20 has taken a leadership role in pursuing financial reforms, even more so since the financial meltdown. Of particular concern at Saturday's meeting was strategic currency devaluation that could lead to a "currency war." The finance officials vowed to "move toward more market determined exchange rate systems" in order to avert rampant and ever-spiraling protectionism (separatism) that is at the result of such a struggle. They also called for greater representation of emerging countries on the executive board of the International Monetary Fund. An EU commissioner expressed his satisfaction at this agreement: "It is a milestone in reforming global governance. Today we have been re-balancing global growth and re-balancing political influence in global governance." We will see how world leaders respond on November 11 - 12 when they meet in Seoul to consider the agreements made by their respective finance officials. Whatever the result at these particular meetings, it is emblematic of the fact that the right soil has been found and plowed for global cooperation and collaboration on many fronts. We predict that as more and more of the various global summits produce successful results, there will be no going back to unilateralism. It will simply be unacceptable.

Today's Weather Report: Although it is not raining, thick clouds blanket the sky and rain looks imminent. Temps are in the mid-40's and the ground is too soggy to work outside after a couple of rainy days. So, a little housecleaning was in order. Recently, I purchased a portable DVD player to watch educational DVD's while walking on the treadmill. Geometry has been the first topic. So far, the lively professor from the University of Texas at Austin has covered the line, the circle and the triangle, though apparently we are just at the beginning of that lengthy discussion. The segments are 30 minutes long and that is precisely how long I walk--or have interest each day for geometry. I have found that studying as an adult is totally different than the "indentured servitude" of education as a child. To say I did not like school would be an understatement--even though I made excellent grades. The anxiety of the experience was overwhelming. Now learning is a joy. From the number of DVD's available to adults for learning or re-learning, I gather that my experience was not unique.