Friday, October 22, 2010

I Planted theSeed of Holy Words

I planted the seed of holy
words in this world.
When long since the
palm tree will have died,
the rocks decayed;
When long since the shining
monarchs have been blown
away like rotted leaves;
Through every deluge a thousand
arks will carry my word:
It will prevail!


Of Note: Cynicism these days is rampant. As a matter of fact, if we are not cynical, we are considered tolerably naive. My thoughts? That dominant attitude does not make the cynics right. Since we don't know the future for certainty, why not believe that the good will prevail? There is no downside to that concept particularly if we accept the fact that energy follows thought. A mind-ful humanity has the ability to MAKE it happen and eventually will. Timing is the only variable. Acting AS IF now could prove to be an accelerant toward the period when spiritual values will dominate the environment. Then we will know the true meaning of "The Peace that Passes Understanding." If that is considered naive, so be it. Only time will tell who had it right.

Today's Weather Report: Word has it that this is the last "nice" week of the fall. And nice it has been. Today it was 60 degrees Fahrenheit! It is not unusual to have some snow in October, so this is unseasonably warm. Because of the forecast, we will be planting the last of the grass seed and laying the straw the next few days. By next spring, we are hoping for a lush lawn around the barn. The new aerator compressor arrived today so we will be putting that into the lake shortly. The fish appreciate a little extra oxygen to prevent die off during the long winter months. Our neighbor has had to sustain the effort alone the past two winters because various attempts to fix our old aerator failed. This year, we got a brand new one so it is certain to work.