Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Underlying Synthesis

The attempt to identify the
One True Theory of Everything
is surely an intuitive response to
the underlying synthesis that
lies behind all forms.

This synthesis is rooted in
the abstract realm of Spirit,
which explains why it can never
be reduced to one single form;
rather every form of thought,
every theory of ideology,
is a fresh attempt to capture
some aspect of the Real.

~Dominic Dibble

Of Note: This concludes the three part Sunday series from the article "The Quest for Synthesis." It is featured in the most recent World Goodwill Newsletter, which highlights the energy of goodwill in world affairs. Goodwill itself is defined as a living expression of synthesis, which is an uncommon term just beginning to be used and understood. Expect to see more of it as Humanity recognizes that the Three Musketeers' chant "All for one and one for all" has real meaning. Check out for more interesting information on the scientific reality of brotherhood.

Today's Weather Report: Oh my, what a brisk morning at 34 degrees Fahrenheit though the sun is out and presents quite a deceiving appearance of warmth. We have lots of little maintenance chores today including placing an aerator in the lake to make sure the fish do not freeze out in the winter. Our only other neighbor on the lake has one as well, thankfully, because the last two winters ours has not worked. This summer we fixed it and today comes the official "sinking" of the aerator head. What I want to see are little bubbles arising to the surface. It would be nice if it was in the 60's Fahrenheit before doing this lake work since we always get wet when working out there no matter how hard we try not to. On another note, one of my numerous cacti bloomed this summer and is pictured here. The dark circle above the bloom is a bottle that after many years is now embedded in the cacti. In a very abstract way, if turned sideways, I saw the word OM--the O being the neck of the bottle and the M being the cactus bloom. Yes, I'm serious. Give it a try.