Friday, October 1, 2010

The Dazzling Aura of the Profoundly New

One of life's most fulfilling moments
occurs in the split-second when the
familiar is suddenly transformed into
the dazzling aura of the profoundly new.

~Edward Lindaman
Thinking in the Future Tense

Of Note: Seems that everywhere we look these days, we are asked to think in new terms. It would appear that everything is changing right before our eyes, and we are in a constant rush to keep up with the "profoundly new." As a matter of fact, that urgency can take up a good portion of the day. Could be that the changing scenario before our eyes is simply the outward sign of an even greater inward change in consciousness. If we get too caught up in the physical manifestations of change, we might miss the more subtle but significant changes in our minds. Ageless wisdom suggests that the changes needed to move the world are at the level of mind, and it is wise to spend some part of the day in quiet contemplation away from the hubbub. It is then that we can hear in the quiet of the heart, the "whisper giving strength to weakness, courage to fear and hope to despair." Some might say that the world needs this right now more than the latest iPad.

Today's Weather Report: Can you believe it, more rain is falling as we speak? Pouring rain. If this was Bangladesh during the monsoon season, I wouldn't be surprised. But after 7 or 8 years of drought, the rain this year has been astonishing and quite welcome. Like an old friend we'd thought we'd never see again. My husband has been planting grass for a putting green and a field he just cleared. Every drop that falls from the sky is one less he must artificially apply by sprinkler. On another front, our black cat actually rubbed against Misty, our female German Shepherd, the other day. Misty did nothing but sniff. Maybe the truce has been signed. It's about time.