Saturday, October 16, 2010

Outside the Universe


~A Zen Harvest

Of Note: Would it make a difference if we all knew for certain that we were a part of the living universe? Quite literally, the atoms that make up our body originated way out there in space. According to a scientific source, 40% of the elements such as oxygen and carbon that make up the material world including our bodies were created in supernova explosions. The remaining 60% are hydrogen atoms that were formed during the "Big Bang," or for those who do not believe in the "Big Bang," in a time far, far away and long, long ago. This means that we cannot in any real sense live "outside" the universe as the universe runs through us every moment. We are one with the universe, and all are one with us. Brotherhood then is scientific fact. When we know and understand that universal law, peace will certainly prevail.

Today's Weather Report: Another gorgeous sunny day reigned. It had to be in the mid to high 60's as it was somewhere between short and long sleeve shirt temps. Our 6-year old friend Olivia visited all day as her Dad did excavating work on our property. Our big adventure besides watching the guys pull out stumps was a trip to McDonald's for lunch. I had originally planned PB&J sandwiches with apples, but Olivia does not eat peanut butter so we went to town instead. The apples came later as a snack. Chewy really wanted to make a new friend, but he outweighed the visiting tyke by 40 pounds so that did not go over too well. She kept hiding behind what ever adult was available until the curious dog was put on the back porch for the rest of the day. Interestingly, our 4-year old granddaughter who visited in July was best friends with Chewy--she ordered him around like a military Sargent like she did her own dog at home. Not so Olivia, maybe next time.