Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sharing Your Gifts With the World

It is not a question of whether
you "have what it takes,"
but of whether you take the
gifts you have and share

them with the world.

~Neale Donald Walsch

Tomorrow's God

Of Note: We have basically taken care of visible pollution in the developed world and generally it has fallen below our level of consciousness. In America, the Environmental Protection Agency takes care of "that problem," and we have moved on to other things. Not so in the developing world where resources are scarce for pollution clean up. One man and his organization are taking that problem head on. Richard Fuller, a entrepreneurial Australian, founded the Blacksmith Institute in 1999 in order to tackle pollution in the developing world. He figured all the global pollution hot spots could be identified and then one by one brought back to their original condition using such low cost and indigenous tools as molasses and worms. So far, the foundation in collaboration with local partners has cleaned up 50 sites with 40 in the works spread out over 20 countries. In one of their latest efforts, they were asked by the government of Nigeria to tackle lead poisoning--a result of low tech gold mining--that has killed hundreds. At first, the deaths were attributed to malaria and Doctors Without Borders was asked to assess the situation,. Eventually, lead levels literally off the charts was determined to be the culprit. Fuller described the situation as a "true environmental disaster." With 25% of the deaths in the developing world attributable to environmental factors, this visionary and the non-profit he founded are working on a shoestring to provide relief for millions and millions. Check this out at www.blacksmithinstitute.org and, for anyone interested, they are recruiting interns.

Today's Weather Report: Another day of high sixties, low seventies Fahrenheit. Rain looked imminent but then the clouds swooshed away and blue sky reappeared without a drop. Darn. I'm still waiting to check out the caulking job from last Saturday. My Mom is visiting from Texas so I'll be taking a couple day's off from the blog. Look for it again on Thursday or Friday. Speaking of Mom's, this is one spritely lady who at 84-years old looks and acts at least 10 if not 20 years younger. Good genes which I hope have gotten passed down to her offspring. The photo above of our lake was taken last week. It shows a waterline nearing its original place along the shore. At the lowest, the water was to the left of the weeds growing in the middle left of this shot. Obviously, the water level still has a way to go but we are happy with the progress so far this year.