Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Kingdom is Spread Out Upon the Earth

The Disciples asked Jesus,
"On what day does the kingdom come?"

Jesus replied,
"It does not come where it is expected.
They will not say, Lo, here! Or Lo, there!
But the Kingdom of the Father is spread out
upon the earth, and men do not see it."

~Gospel of Thomas

Of Note: Interestingly, the Disciples asked Jesus on what DAY does the kingdom come, and He answered, "It does not come WHERE it is expected." He went on to say that "the Kingdom of God IS spread out upon the earth" but men do not have eyes to see it. This statement implies that the Kingdom of the Father is here already and one day we will recognize that truth. It is all in the recognition, the revelation of that which is around and through us always. In agreement, the wise sage Krishnamurti said: "There is no path of wisdom, there is no path at all. There is no journey." How can we attune ourselves to the higher kingdoms, which according to two wise men are right here? Meditation is one way. Sitting in meditation, the recognition comes that the Kingdom of God interpenetrates and connects all to all. When a majority of humanity has come to this realization through meditation or some other way, an even greater revelation is promised. We do not yet know what that revelation is but we know it will change the world forever.

Today's Weather Report: It is raining and 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Ten degrees colder, and there is a good chance we would be looking at snow. It is very dark and dreary outside. Inside, it is nice and toasty now that the wood boiler is heating the floor. The fire in the fireplace does not hurt either. Yesterday in the rain, I sowed the remainder of the grass seed for the year and threw straw on top of it. It is sometimes fun to work in the rain as a way to feel closer to the earth. It is also wonderful to come in, take off all the soggy clothes, and get into something warm, then sip a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.