Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Worthy Abode


~Hindu Scripture

Of Note: Today Jews are celebrating Birchat Hachamah, Hebrew for "Blessing the Sun." The blessing itself goes like this: "Blessed are You, King of the Universe, who makes the works of creation." It inspires awe at the immensity of it all. Interestingly, today is also the Easter Festival, one of three at the full moons during April, May and June, where Buddha and Christ shower blessings on the world as well. Bestowing blessing is one thing, what is required on this end is a worthy receptacle. When Christ was here last time, He seeded each heart with the Love of the Universe. Humanity is responsible to nurture that seed until it is aflame, and so it will be. In the beginning it was only His One Heart. Then it was three, then twelve. Now no one can escape it--not a Jew, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist nor any other. Each person carries the Christ seed in his heart. It was this for which He was called Savior. When He comes again, He will have more surprises in store.

Today's Weather Report: A lovely day outside even though it's only 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun came up not too long ago and will shine brightly. The aging, though not apparently dying doggy, will most likely bask in it most of the day. Yes, our dog's health has stabilized since last week, and now she only occasionally piddles on the floor. Her blindness is worse. But all these characteristics are no different than a frail elderly person. So, we are all going with the flow and learning in the process. Thanks to Marie we have a colorful spring picture full of vibrant life to accompany our quote of the day.

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