Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blessed Giving


~Acts 20:35

Of Note: This truism is simply a restatement of the Law of Abundance. The infinite universe contains all possibility and as such is set up to give all to all. But in our selfishness, we cut ourselves off from this sacred law. Reconnection by loving and giving is the key to return.

Today's Weather Report: Drizzling rain at temps in the forties accentuate the day. Tonight at sunset the moon, Mercury and the Pleiades star cluster will align with the moon on top, Mercury on the bottom and the Pleiades sandwiched in between. Enjoy the view until the sun completely sets to visualize the star cluster, which includes hundreds of luminaries. The Pleiades, also called the Seven Sisters, hold a special place in many ancient cultures including the Greek, Mayan and Maori. The teachings of ancient wisdom hold the Pleiades in particular esteem. Binoculars are recommended, but the startling site will be visible even without them. Please enjoy the scene for me as it will not be visible from my house because of the dense cloud cover.

Watch For Change Snippet: A Dutch group has declared September 9th as the World Day of Interconnectedness to promote environmental and social justice. Some say that global interconnectedness has a downside in such circumstances as finances and trade. I would counter that sharing entails responsibility, and human irresponsibility comes with a heavy price in ways that are easy to discern if we look around. The organizers for the coming event put it another way:
"Interconnectedness, or oneness, is at the core of decisions and actions that are life affirming and good for the whole. The omnipresent invisible field of electric and magnetic energy connects us all."
In other words, we are invisibly interconnected by physical law. No way getting around it. Thus, the more life affirming decisions and actions we make, the more abundant life is returned. Of course, the opposite is also true. Thankfully, the choice is ours as individuals, groups and nations.

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