Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Being Gratitude

To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant.
To enact gratitude is generous and noble.
But to LIVE gratitude is to touch Heaven.

~ Johannes A. Gaertner

Of Note: So, we are courteous and pleasant, generous and noble. That moves us forward on the evolutionary path but doesn't get us there. It is when we turn generosity and gratitude into our whole way of being that we not only touch Heaven but become ONE with it. In that state, we light up like a sun. Think Christ at His ascension or halos around the heads of saints. Actually, we all have latent halos within, and each and every one of us some day in some life will harmonize with the universe. And when that happens, the Heavens rejoice.

Today's Weather Report: It is April 1st and snowing heavily. We seem to always have a snowstorm on or around April 1st for some reason and many times it's not our last. The flakes are lovely and huge like they always are in the spring. The sky is very dark so this may last for awhile. All in all, it's a lovely day in the neighborhood as Mr. Rogers used to sing. The ground can use all the moisture it can get. A few months back, Marie supplied me with several superb sunset shots from a trek to her local lake. This is the last of those but her spring flower pictures are flowing in fast. Hooray!

Watch For Change Snippet: Jehan Sadat, Anwar's widow, has worked tirelessly for peace in the Middle East and is currently a fellow at the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland. She reminded us in an article she wrote recently that Israel and Egypt have lived side by side in peace for nearly 30 years. Forty years ago, few thought that peace between any Arab nation and Israel was possible. But due to the tireless work of her husband and others, a peace accord was signed. Mrs. Sadat described the scene in the Egyptian Parliament when Anwar declared his intentions to make peace with Israel. His announcement was met first with stunned silence--then clapping. When he arrived 10 days later in Israel, Prime Minister Golda Meier said: "Why are you late? We've been waiting for you."

And from the other side, Anwar is still waiting. Because of this, his committed wife continues their work for all peoples of the Middle East. She emphatically stated: "Peace--this word, this idea, this goal--is the defining theme of my life. I am hoping and praying that President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Palistinean leadership will finally fulfill Anwar Sadat's dream of a fair, just and comprehensive peace for all of the people of the Middle East." We could join our electrifying thought-forms to hers and create a halo of light around all the men and women working for peace in that troubled sector. It has been said when like-minded people ask for something with faith in the response, they see it accomplished. There would be no better time than the present to show this dynamic, creative side of ours. After all, it is our destiny.

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