Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Eternal Quest for Knowledge


~Robert Stirniman

Of Note: One day science will look different than it does today because it will be coupled with art and culture. The art and science of relationships will be a kingly pursuit with the art and science of livingness coming in a close second. Children will be taught from an early age about the universal laws of cooperation, attraction and economy which underlie all cosmic action. The spiritual values of sharing, truth, personal responsibility, unselfishness, and service to the common good will be second nature to an evolved Humanity, who will have outgrown the need to pursue science for money. Our future selves will know happiness, joy and peace through a deep knowledge of the interconnectedness of all to all. And oh, what energy that will unleash!

Today's Weather Report: Flitting around the garden today, I contemplated that the long, cold winter has been just about forgotten. How quickly we forget when we see a few green shoots emerge from the soil! Though, I have to admit, there are not many yet, just a few crocus and daffodils. The crocus come in all sizes from large to tiny and are surely welcome this time of year. The daffodils show some promise as they peek from the soil an inch or two but have a long way to go before blooming.

Watch for Change Snippet: The Dalai Lama might be playing his last hand. In early April, on the 50-year anniversary of his flight to India, His Holiness urged China to let the media freely into Tibet. If news correspondents found that Tibetans were truly happy under Chinese rule, he announced that he would abandon a 50-year pursuit for autonomy. The Chinese show no inclination to take the request seriously and will not likely lift the special permit required for foreign journalists. After all, according to the Director of the Tourist Administration in Tibet: "Tibet is harmonious and safe now" and open for business--although not to inspection by media outsiders. We can only assume that the Dalai Lama, being the wise man he is, made the strategic offer for some particular purpose, and we will have to watch the story unfold to see what that might be.

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