Thursday, April 16, 2009

A River Moving in You


~Jalaluddin Rumi

Of Note: Nothing can prepare a person for the awakening of their Soul. The person we think of as "I" has little to do with it. After the Soul announces itself, stepping off the path results in exquisite mental and/or emotional pain. But conversely staying the course brings the most sublime joy. It takes the "I" person awhile to figure all this out so pain marks the early days during which joy seems unattainable. Then glimpses of revelation occur when the "I" realizes he or she is the Path itself to be laid down for those that follow. Thus, this river of joy Rumi mentions is a bit down the way for most of us--but we can meet him there someday following the Path he and others have laid down for us over the years.

Today's Weather Report: Believe it or not, it is 65 degrees Fahrenheit today, and I finally put away the winter coats. Didn't even wear a jacket outside on this gorgeous, sunny day. I went to town to do some errands, and it was bustling. So, I wasn't the only one who wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Watch For Change Snippet: The Obama Administration has changed many of the decisions made during the Bush years. Thus, in keeping with the President's "new era of engagement," the United States will stand for one of the three open seats on the controversial United Nations Human Rights Council, something which the former President adamantly opposed. Critics, of course, blasted the decision saying that joining the group gives credibility to its often skewed actions. But others, such as the Human Rights Watch, think the time has come for the United States to show leadership in the area of human rights at the United Nations: "The U.S. can play an important role strengthening the council and correcting some of its flaws." Indeed, U.S. United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice opined: "Those who suffer from abuse and oppression around the world, as well as those who dedicate their lives to advancing human rights, need the Council to be balanced and credible." Sadly, at this point, it is not. The election to the seat on May 15th is inevitable as three seats are open, and three countries are running. New Zealand stepped down in order to give its slot to the United States. Many agree that now may be the time for the latent power of the Human Rights Council to shine forth.

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