Thursday, April 9, 2009

Orderly Transpiration

Let us not forget
that when order is brought about
and united thought produced on the mental plane,
then order transpires eventually on the physical plane.

~M. Djhwal Khul

Of Note: Our goal in meditation is to produce united thought imbued with loving understanding on the mental plane and beyond. We will know order has precipitated from that lofty place when the spiritual values of truth, justice, cooperation, sharing and personal responsibility are the defining characteristics of Humanity. It could take time. Or not. No one really knows.

Today's Weather Report: Yesterday it topped out at 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Man, was that ever nice. All the animals at the house appreciated it as well--probably the ones in the woods did too. The deer, which had been scarce throughout the winter, are back. We know that by their abundant droppings in and around the yard. They particularly like the putting green grass that is bright green even now. Marie made a recent trip to Hamilton Pool down by Austin and took this breathtaking shot. If I went, I'd still be standing there awestruck by the beauty of it all.

Watch For Change Snippet: Money is not always the "root of all evil." When it is used to provide change for the good, a potent spiritual value is added--even on the mundane levels. Case in point: the Progressive Automotive X-Prize contest was recently announced by the X-Prize Foundation. These are the same guys who paid a rich aerospace designer to put a commercial rocket in space twice within two weeks back in 2004. For that innovation he was awarded $10 million bucks. This time out vehicular visionaries will compete for a $10 million prize to build a practical vehicle capable of getting the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon of gas. Most entrants have been start-up companies whose uber-fuel-efficient prototypes will compete next year in road competitions across four US cities. So far, none of the Big Three has taken the bait although the foundation's chairman said the big automakers could benefit from the competition and could use the knowledge gained as a "beautiful off-balance sheet R&D program." Interestingly, paradigm shifting innovations, such as the ipod, has occurred in past economic downturns; so, we should watch this competition with great expectation.

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